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How It Works

We use a non-pressure application of a biodegradable chemical to remove the stains off of roofs, sidewalks, driveways, patios, building exteriors, and wood decks.  We absolutely use no pressure when cleaning roofs.  Pressure washing roofs could cause severe damage to both tile and shingle roofs. 

Pressure washing tile roofs removes the glaze and dulls the tiles.  In order to pressure wash tiles you have to walk on them potentially breaking them.  Also, pressure washing only spreads the mold spores and they could grow back in as early as one year. Pressure washing shingle roofs removes the reflective granules and weakens the shingles which will eventually cause roof leaks. 

We use no more pressure than that of a garden hose to apply chemical which is absorbed into the pores of the roofing material, where the roots of the mold spores grow, killing them on contact.  We do little to no walking on tile roofs!!


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